I am a Portland-area artist rekindling my passion for beads and gemstones.  In 2000 I started a business selling beads and my own beaded jewelry on eBay.  My start came as a result of a fortuitous purchase of the remnants of a bead shop going out of business.  As I built the business, one of my favorite things was to browse the bead and gem shows searching for new and interesting inventory to share with my customers.  However, after a few years it became more and more difficult to part with my beautiful beads and baubles, and with the stress and time constraints of my day job I also quit making jewelry.

This year, along with some other major life changes, I took the plunge to embark on the scary journey of self-employment.  I humbly offer up selections from my hoard in hopes they will entice and delight you.  To start with I won’t be selling anything here, but I will be offering items shown here for sale at local establishments.  If you like what you see or desire a custom piece, please comment or contact me directly and I’ll be happy to accommodate your request to the best of my ability.  Mostly this is a forum to share what I love with others, so I welcome your comments if you would like to share as well.


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